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Hello and Welcome

to the web offering of the Montgomery County School System. You will find that we are a small but progressive school system in the east central area of Georgia and the performance of our school system is impressive. Students have opportunities in the classroom, athletics, and cultural activities, as well as academic competitions. Montgomery County students and staff work to bring academic and extracurricular excellence to our school and community.Please accept my invitation to look around and see for yourself that our school system and our members strive for excellence.

As for our community, you should know that the quality of life is second to none. We are fortunate that we are the home of Brewton-Parker College and the academic and cultural activities that a private college community can offer. There are opportunities for sporting events and activities and we are home to one of the best golf venues in the state. If golf is your thing, there is plenty to experience in a twenty mile radius of our community. Shopping and worship opportunities are plenty and varied. Our community is part of the annual Vidalia Onion Festival that celebrates Georgia's official vegetable, the Vidalia Onion®.

Join us as we seek to improve and enrich the quality of life of our students and entire community. Welcome to Montgomery County

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