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Welcome To Montgomery County Schools
Montgomery County School System is located in Mount Vernon, Georgia in the midst of rural Georgia. Our system consists of 3 schools which serves approximately 1,000 students.
Montgomery County Schools offer a foundation of educational skills and opportunities to ensure that we meet the needs of all students. Students are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in academics and in life. This educational environment enables students to grow academically and socially into responsible citizens.
Our staff work to improve and adapt their teaching methods to ensure that all learning styles can be addressed. Our expectation is that ALL students have the right to a quality education.We are striving to meet the established expectation of excellence. Our Board of Education, Administration, and the Community are determined to ensure that our students achieve academic success.

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Eagle Express Mobile Lab

about 1 month ago


  • Increase the vocabulary and literacy exposure for our students entering Pre-K
  • Allow under privileged kids the same opportunities
  • Exposure to numerous words everyday
  • Socialization with other children their age
  • Model appropriate vocabulary/literacy strategies for parents
  • Parent Engagement Opportunities

Eagle Express Mobile Lab Hours = 9:30-11:00 a.m.




Loretta Edge Daycare

North Old River Road 

Mount Vernon, GA 30445



North Thompson Baptist Church 

404 Ralph Thompson Road

Vidalia, GA 30474



Shining Star Learning Center

Mount Vernon, GA 30445



Tarrytown Baptist Church               

302 Main Street

Tarrytown, GA 30470

As of November 1, the Department of Education has published its new financial data reporting tool as required by HB 139. The reporting system can be found at the following link:

HB 139 required the aggregation and publication of a variety of financial information for all school districts, such as revenue and expenditure data, capital construction costs, recent audits, and similar reports. All of the information on this site consists of data and other information which the Department already collects and in most cases published in some existing form, or which is collected and published by another department within state government such as the Department of Audits and Accounts. HB 139 required the centralization of this information into a single website, which is the purpose of this new reporting system.